Resume tips to land an interview

The quality of your resume will determine whether you even have a chance at being interviewed for an opening. A poor quality resume means poor chances of getting interviewed and zero chance of being hired. If you really want to land your dream job, your resume needs to be in tip top shape.

Here are a few resume tips to land an interview.

1.  Format your resume so it is easily scannable 

Unfortunately, your resume is scanned in less than 25 seconds before being moved to the toss or review-further pile. The individual reviewing your resume wants to see key selling points in those 25 seconds and they don't actually care how well written it is. They are looking for years of experience, education and necessary skills to do the job. If they can't find those 3 things easily, your resume will be dumped even if you are a fit. 

Use section headings, bullet points and concise language to make your resume scannable. Check out some of these common resume layouts to determine which is the best fit for your experience.

2. Customize your resume to the job you're applying for

A one-size fits all resume generalizes your experience and makes you look average at best. Do you think an average candidate is going to get an interview? It's not likely.

Tailor your resume to the job description by using similar language and highlighting skills and experience specific to the opening for the best response. This doesn't have to be something you spend hours doing for each opening; if you follow the first tip, making slight adjustments to customize your resume for each opening should take a few minutes at most. 

3. Focus on your accomplishments rather than a list of tasks

Most hiring authorities are well-versed in various job descriptions. There is an assumption that you've done similar work in the past as the job you're applying for, you don't have to spell it out. Instead focus on what you specifically brought to the table: did you optimize any processes, grow revenue for a previously stagnant territory, win any awards for your work? Quantify and highlight these instead of the responsibilities of the position. 

4. Include a career summary 

Objectives statements are a thing of the past. You want a job, and you want one at the company you're applying for. Every hiring manager on the face of the planet knows that when they receive your resume, so you don't need to outline it for them. Instead summarize your career in a short paragraph at the top of your resume. 

A career summary should list your years of experience, industry specialty and some overall highlights. Remember that easily scannable tip? Here's your chance to sell your complete background as the perfect fit for the opening in a few fast sentences right at the top of your resume. 

In most cases, your resume is the first and only opportunity you have to land an interview. And now you also know it has to make a slam dunk impression in under 25 seconds. Follow these few simple tips to optimize your resume and get more interviews. 

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