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Calculating the true cost of your sales vacancy

Do you know the true cost of your sales vacancy? Chances are, you're not factoring in everything you should. We built this handy calculator to see the unique cost of your sales vacancy based on your territory value, sales goals of the open position and the amount of...

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Simple ways to refresh your sales pitch

After years working as a National or Regional Account Manager, it can be all too easy for your sales pitch to slip into a comfort zone. You've had the same accounts for years, and your industrial portfolio hasn't changed much, so your trusted sales pitch has...

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Hiring Outside Sales Professionals - Qualities you should care about

If you're a seasoned Sales Manager, VP of Sales, Director of Business Development or the like, a portion of your time is spent finding qualified and successful outside sales professionals to join your team and increase your organization's revenue. With a decade plus of...

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